“Minesweeping” Your Psychology When Applying for a Job

One of the psychological minefields: Excessive stress Target: Newcomers without too much work experience Symptoms: There are no problems with the exam, written test, etc. Once the interview is made, I feel nervous, insomnia and brain disorder from the night before.
During the interview, my mind was often blank, and my speech was stuttering. It seemed that my tongue was suddenly full, and I didn’t know how to take it, and I couldn’t write it.
What’s more, it can cause nervousness, a rapid heartbeat, and flushing.
Until the end of the interview, people still feel nervous.
A more serious situation is that some people’s tension will last for about a week and there is no way to return to normal.
There was a computer boy who interviewed at a multinational organization. This company was on the 14th floor of an office building. After the interview, he had not gone out of tension, but he went straight up to the 29th floor in an elevator.
It wasn’t until the elevator opened the door that he realized he was wrong, but his legs were unconscious.
There are also some girls who usually read very well, but when they are interviewed, they are dizzy due to being too nervous, and even suddenly lose their sight.
There are many examples of inadequate interviews due to stress, and some people with severe conditions cannot even find a job in one or two years.
Many people think that they have a heart attack because of excessive tension for a long time, but they do n’t get any results after taking the test, and they do n’t take any medicine.
  Countermeasure: First of all, it is better to accept the fact that anyone will feel nervous when encountering situations such as interviews.
It’s just that everyone’s level is different. If someone is not nervous, he may have some problems.
Therefore, if you have no way to adjust, you may try the following methods: Do a role-playing simulation exercise the day before the interview, and get yourself into the role by practicing.
Or learn more about the company through various channels, grasp the situation, know yourself, and the more you practice, the more you can grasp.
If you can’t get out of the role for a long time after the interview, then try the method of emotional transfer, do something you usually like to do, or find some friends and family to talk about your concerns.
  Psychological minefield two: Unstable, job-hopping becomes a habit. Object: Young white-collar workers. Symptoms: Frequent job-hopping. A job cannot be completed for a contract period.
The more I want to jump, the more I can’t settle down.
Some people also summarized the “three essentials” for their ideal work: that is, one should develop, the second should have a high salary, and the third can be changed at any time!
Job seekers personally feel that this is a better opportunity for themselves, “People jump to high places and water flows to low places.
“I feel like my personality is like this. I can’t change it.
In fact, this kind of thinking is a very subjective mistake.
There was a salesman Mr. Wu who jumped six times in three years.
Every time he thought he had found a new starting point for his future.
But when he occasionally met colleagues from the previous company in the past few months, he knew that although this colleague who joined the company with him was not as good as him in terms of ability and education background, but now he is already a companyGeneral manager.
Mr. Wu felt regretful: If he was not so eager to change jobs at the time, and could not stop the temptation of high salary, then this position should be his, and the great opportunity will not be “skipped” by himself.
  Countermeasure: From a psychological point of view, the reason for this frequent job change is mainly because the job seeker’s desire to realize personal value is too strong. This has a lot to do with the growth experience and environment of each person, but in any case, frequent job changes for one personPersonality growth has a negative impact.
If you are also a member of this “flea clan”, you should carefully consider and measure the gap between your own value and your pursuit.
You have to find your Bole, but first you have to figure out if you are Maxima.
From a short-term interest perspective, job-hopping seems to be the right one, but from a long-term development perspective, each job-hopping will take a long time to work with the new environment and new colleagues. Before jumping into the company, they jumped away.Maybe the company is planning to give you a better chance, but you have jumped somewhere else. With shortsightedness, it is really not wise.
  心理雷区之三:老板前一条虫老板后一条龙  对象:普遍性非常强,每个办公室里都有,程度从轻到重不等  症状:每天上班看到老板坐在那里,做事情就畏首畏尾Fear of doing the wrong thing and saying the wrong thing.
Once the boss was away for a business trip or meeting, he immediately became active and performed exceptionally well.
One Ms. Huang is the senior executive secretary of the chairman. Every time she sees her boss, she is afraid and “struck.”
Every time I report, I’m afraid that I will make mistakes and become sweaty.
Every time the boss confessed to her work, she was trembling like an enemy, so nervous that she couldn’t eat well, couldn’t sleep, and she always felt unconscious.
After a long time, she thought that she was suffering from physical deficiency and kidney deficiency. She had taken health supplements for about a year. Since she had not been effective, she looked at the psychologist with the help of her friends and found the crux of the problem.
  Countermeasure: As everyone knows, everyone sees things more or less with their own subjective feelings.
The same is true for the boss, who often exaggerates the image of the boss due to his own psychology.
In fact, it is absolutely unnecessary.First of all, list all the advantages and disadvantages of the boss, you will find that he is actually just an ordinary person, in some respects he surpassed him, there is no need to exaggerate him.

Actually, thinking from another angle, if you are the boss, how would you treat your employees?

For the sake of his own face, the boss sometimes has to put on a show and instruct others to do this and that, because he is in this seat, so he will do so. This is completely out of touch with you personally.

Moreover, a boss who is willing to leave things to you is out of trust in you, which is a good thing.

You don’t have to be cautious and worry too much.

Therefore, you may wish to correct your attitude and treat your boss with ordinaryness.

Try to make some contact with him, because employees are afraid of him, so the boss is sometimes lonely.

  Psychological minefield No. 4: Self-expression is too strong Object: Young people under 30 have more symptoms: This kind of person always has a kind of “newborn calf not afraid of tigers” anger, rush to do everything, rush to the front,Hope to stand out in front of the boss.

A young man who just returned to China after completing an MBA from the United States effortlessly entered the Shanghai office of a Fortune 500 company. The boss always gave him some trivial things, and he was a little dissatisfied.At the tender meeting for the proposal, he handed in the carefully prepared materials for a few nights and thought that he could win the boss’s appreciation.

I did not expect to receive the termination notice from the personnel office after the meeting.

It turned out that because he didn’t care about trivial matters, he was always careless. He mistakenly thought “import” as “export” and suffered double losses in the company’s profits and reputation.

  Reason: The main reason for forming this kind of psychology is overestimation and overconfidence.

A person must have a correct estimate of his ability.

It must be clear: if you can do your job in this position well, you are already the biggest “unique”.

  Psychological minefield No. 5: I always feel that there are eyes behind me staring at the object: a leader or a novice in the workplace. Symptoms: Always subconsciously feel that others are watching him, observing him.

A young boss in the IT industry often feels that others have noticed himself when he set up a company in the sea.

Sometimes, as soon as he makes contact with his employees, he immediately thinks: Does he despise me?

Does he think that my boss is incompetent?

Did I make a wrong decision today?

There is also a female college student who has just entered the workplace. She did not make up, but after she started working, she became more and more aware of her appearance. As long as others glance at her, she will feel that the lipstick is too dark?

Is the neckline of the clothes you wear too low?

Is the hair color too noticeable?

  Solution: People with this idea are more sensitive, they lack self-confidence in themselves, and people who have this symptom generally continue to put pressure on themselves, hoping to do better, and the result is often counterproductive.

It should be absolutely such a misunderstanding.

To realize that there are tens of thousands of possibilities in an individual’s occasional vision, he may not be looking at you; even if he looks at you, he may be inadvertent or appreciate you.

There is no need to guess randomly and put pressure on yourself blindly.

To establish a correct understanding for yourself, do not always live in the eyes of others.

  Psychological minefield No. 6: The pressure is so great that the head is about to explode. Symptoms of various types of people in various industries: Market competition is intensifying, and all types of professionals feel pressured. This is an indisputable fact.

However, some people are overloaded with stress and have not been effectively vented, harming their physical health, causing mental malaise, and declining work efficiency. Some people even have severe violence under the pressure of work.

Mr. Li is an employee of a high-tech company. He has to solve many difficult technical problems every day and has a lot of work pressure.

As he has not been relieved for a long time, he has become more and more dull, and even small things will make him shine, and even throw a bowl and bowl, adding to his wife.

  Measures: Some companies have set up stress-relief rooms in the office area and have baseball programs to facilitate the release of stress by employees. In fact, this is not a positive approach, it is only a remedy after the fact.

When we start to feel stressed at work, we should take measures.

May wish to cultivate your own hobbies, make friends, or your favorite music, etc. outside of work, do not always lock your mind on the job, get the horns.