Four methods of psychological adjustment in the test room

Many candidates are worried about psychological problems in the exam room.

Professor Zhou Zhengyi of Nanjing Metropolitan Psychological Counseling Center believes that no matter what the situation is, candidates can resume normal examination status if they can adjust themselves.

  The first is to relieve tension and worry about relaxation training.

For example, choosing one of breathing training method, muscle relaxation method, transfer method, and self-suggestion method can alleviate tension and worry to varying degrees.

  The second is the psychological effect in marking and doing the questions.

The markings can be followed or not. The purpose is to find the easy transition first. Once you find the easy transition, you will devote yourself to it. After doing a few questions in a row, you will increase your confidence and disperse your choice of exams.Relieve tension.

  The third is the psychological adjustment when there are too many problems in the scoring or the transition cannot be done.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to have more than 5 questions, or trying to translate a question is unsuccessful. Candidates’ anxiety and tension will rise.

Don’t watch or do anything at this time, stop and calm yourself down.

Quickly adjust the college entrance examination and the expected value of the course, and make a decision to “abandon” the course.

After accepting the decision to “give up”, the mentality naturally calmed down.

Based on failure and relaxed mood, the problems that would not have been done in the past are all plenary.

  The fourth is that someone submitting papers will affect himself.

You should make up your mind to make the most of your time. Time is the score. I don’t care if others submit their papers early.