UBS Asset Management launches first domestic “fund in fund” product

原标题:瑞银资产管理推出首支境内“基金中基金”产品  上证报中国证券网讯(记者 王彭)瑞银资产管理于今日宣布,其在中国设立的外商独资企业(WFOE)瑞银资产Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has officially launched the first fund in the fund, “UBS China A & Q Multi-Strategy FOF Private Equity Securities Investment Fund No. 1,” and is filing with the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association.
With the launch of the fund product, UBS Asset Management became the first foreign asset management company to issue FOF products of private equity investment funds in China.
  According to statistics, the fund is managed by Xia Kun, fund manager of UBS Asset Management (Shanghai). He has 15 years of capital market experience.
Xia Kun said: “This investment strategy combines top-down asset allocation and bottom-up manager selection, and aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation while maintaining moderate risk exposure in the Chinese A-share market during the economic cycle.Reduce investment volatility.
When we build a portfolio, 苏州桑拿网 we mix core strategic and tactical investments to respond to changing markets.
He added: “From an executive level, our research not only focuses on the investment talents and business talents of the underlying managers, but also has a full-time staff member in our investment team to evaluate the fund’s operational risks and product structure.
Hedge funds are an ever-changing asset class, and the decision to exit is just as important as buying.
“UBS Asset Management Hedge Fund Solutions Asia Pacific Investment Director Adolfo Oliete said:” UBS is the world’s second largest hedge FOF management company, and the hedge fund’s FOF is also one of UBS’s flagship investment capabilities.
China’s private equity fund industry is in a stage of rapid development. Chinese investors’ awareness of the operational risks of funds and the 四川耍耍网 protection of private equity funds by investors in line with global standards need to be improved.
We hope that this product will give full play to FOF as an investment product and investment capability in the Chinese market.
“Yin Lei, head of the Asia-Pacific region of UBS Asset Management and head of China’s onshore business, said:” The launch of FOF fund products is in line with the future needs of the Chinese asset management market.
The uniqueness of the Chinese market development stage and the particularity of the FOF product itself place high requirements on the investment research and execution capabilities of asset management companies.
Therefore, the smooth launch of this product reflects the breadth and depth of UBS Asset Management’s investment research institute in China, the construction of the platform and the platform, and the strength of sales.