What three types of food does yoga classify?

Diet plays a decisive role in the yoga system.

This is because the type and quality of food directly affects the human body and mental condition.

Inappropriate diet and understanding of dietary principles will gradually have an adverse effect on the individual’s body and spirit, and continued bad dietary habits make his thoughts, behaviors, external performances, and naturally unsatisfactory.

Yoga divides foods into inert foods, transgender foods, and pleasant foods.

  Inert foods are foods that are prone to idleness, disease, and mental retardation.

Such foods are harmful to the mind and not good for the body.

Originating from the Indian King Roga ‘s way of eating, it is said that there are usually 50 to 60 alternatives on the dining table of the Indian royal family. These dishes are fried and baked; some use curry powder for seasoning and tasteVery heavy; these are extremely small for a yogi, because it will make him fat, add extra weight, and the internal displacement caused by replacement after meals will cause accumulation and retention inertia, and the temper will be easily irritable.

It includes: all meat, eggs, onions, mushrooms, fungi, mustard, shallots, garlic, etc., narcotic drinks, tobacco, drugs, etc. All are narcotic inhalable and stale, stale food.

  Denatured foods provide energy and food that is good for the body but not good for the mind.

Frequent use can cause physiological restlessness.

Such as strong tea, strong seasonings, soy sauce, white rob, kelp, chocolate, cocoa, soda, excessive spices and salt, pepper, any favorite food, most people are rude, grumpy, like fighting, stubbornSee you.

The kinds of food are also not suitable for yogis.

  Pleasant foods are typical foods with beautiful colors and aromas, rich in nutrition, and rarely choose spices and seasonings. The cooking method is simple.

Consuming these foods can cultivate noble sentiments, make the body healthy, pure, relaxed, full, make the mind peaceful and happy, and good for the body.

Kinds of food create finer, sharper physical and mental systems.

It includes all fruits, most vegetables, all soy products, milk and dairy products, nuts, mild spices and moderate green tea, all cereal products, etc.