Recommended super effective hydrating mask


Recommended super effective hydrating mask

Many MMs will be confused when using masks. Buying masks will run out quickly and will be restocked soon. Moreover, buying cheap masks is not assured to use. Buying too expensive long-term is not a solution. At this time, apply the mask.The above problems can be solved, and the following are recommended comparisons between several Xiaobian application masks based on our real experience.

  Beauty is Polar Glacier Mask Mask Watson’s Price: 39 Taobao Price: 17-36 Reliable Price: 24 Product Introduction: This is a fast rehydrating mask that makes the skin soft and shiny. When the clear and pure glacier water essence gently glides over the skin,At that moment, I immediately felt a refreshing moisturization, penetrated into the skin layer by layer, and immediately improved the skin’s dehydration state. Rich minerals and trace elements completely released the root skin and provided the energy required for skin repair., Relieve skin fatigue!

  Editor’s comment: After applying this jelly-like moisturizing mask, it has a cool and soothing sensation, which can relax the entire face. After 15 minutes, clean it with water, and the skin immediately becomes smooth and tender. Use the following toner andThe lotions are easier to absorb, and the packaging design is clean and hygienic, which is a cost-effective mask.

  Aesthetic Jialu 8x Water Marine Deep Hydrating Mask Watson’s Price: 30 Taobao Price: 11-26 Reliable Price: 18 Product Introduction: Contains deep-sea algae moisturizing essence and marine minerals, continuously exerts water storage, replenishing ability, and further improves the deficiencyThe problem of chlorosis and dullness caused by water allows dry skin to get water and moisturization.

Editor’s comment: After use, it was found that this mask is fragrant and pleasant, and it is best to apply it every other day. It is especially suitable for MM with dry skin. It is especially effective in autumn.

  Editor’s comment: After use, it was found that this mask is fragrant and pleasant, and it is best to apply it every other day. It is especially suitable for MM with dry skin. It is especially effective in autumn.

  Watson’s Natural Collagen Hydrating Nourishing Sleeping Mask Watson’s Price: 50 Taobao Price: 24-46 Reliable Price: 33 Product Introduction: Derived from German bone collagen nutrition ingredients, timely replenishing collagen lost from the skin, promoting skin firmness, deepNourish, improve the richness of the skin from the inside out; botanical hyaluronic acid WSK, has excellent moisturizing performance, unique refreshing texture, combined with collagen nutrients, moisturizing during sleep, nourish, repair and finish; 小编Comments: Watson’s self-produced ace mask, Xiaobian highly recommend it, it will almost dry after 20 minutes of application, the skin is soft after use, and the nutrition is fully replenished, but because it is a nourishing mask with a thick thickness, it is not suitable for oilySkin for MM use.

  Watsons Rose Rose Lotion Hydrating Sleeping Mask Watson’s Price: 28 Taobao Price: 20-27 Reliable Price: 25 Product Introduction: Contains thousands of fresh Chiba rose bud essences, rose alcohol essences are soothing and aromatic.Materia Medica recipes in the Greater Shangri-La region of China form a thin, hydrophilic water-blocking protective barrier on the skin’s surface layer, which nourishes and nourishes the skin, so that it interprets the radiance of fresh water like a morning dew rose.

Gives skin a moisturizing surprise.

  Editor’s comment: This is an effective yellowing and moisturizing mask, which is especially suitable for MMs who are busy with computers all day. It can drive away yellowing, prevent ultraviolet rays and radiation from electrical appliances, make the skin uniform and delicate, white, light and comfortable.It’s cool and doesn’t feel very thick. It is suitable for all kinds of skin.

  Suer Special Run Hydrating Sleeping Mask Watson’s Price: 28 Taobao Price: 15-26 Reliable Price: 20 Product Introduction: Strong moisturizing, long-lasting moisturization, fast solving dullness, blending the double power of nature: natural hot spring SPA + deep sea original herbal sourceThe pure natural hot spring water essence in the Abés Mountains in France contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, which fully moisturize the surface of the skin while deepening the intercellular substance, injecting super dry water into each dry cell.

  Editor’s comment: a mask that does not have a sticky feeling, it has a good hydration effect, and it feels watery and tender when applied. It is suitable for MM with dry skin, but personal experience does not feel as beautiful or eight times hydrating effect.
  Green Year Green Tea Acne Sleeping Mask Watson’s Price: 59 Taobao Price: 40-59 Reliable Price: 50 Product Introduction: Moisturizing and hydrating, replenishing toxins, comprehensively removing acne, the origin of acne, diminishing acne marks, gradually expanding large pores, improvingSkin is shiny, rough, dull, and aging. At the same time, it improves skin immunity, leaving skin healthy, tender, and smooth.

  Editor’s comment: If you continue to use a single pure plant mask that will have a good effect, after using it, it will feel full of anti-inflammatory, and the acne will be a little bit, only a thin layer can be applied.

  Limi Limei peach peach moisturizing sleep mask Watson’s price: 55 Taobao price: 45-54 reliable price: 48 Product introduction: Containing vitamin A, Capos, can help skin restore tenderness and elasticity, make dehydrated skin like fresh peachJuicy juicy editor comment: The smell is sweet and sweet, but the effect is not obvious, and the so-called strong moisturizing effect in the description is not introduced.

It feels like a product that does nothing.

  Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Sleep Mask Chenchen Price: 45 Taobao Price: 28-40 Reliable Price: 30 Product Introduction: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Factor with Red Algae, Nano Microcapsule Arbutin, Yeast Extract and LicoriceWhitening residue, replenishes skin moisture during sleep, helps skin metabolism and promotes skin self-renewal, brightens skin tone, removes dullness and aging skin, and fair skin.

Provides skin with sufficient nutrients and a steady stream of moisture, relieves daytime skin pressure, has no coloration, low irritation, and is not affected by mineral oil and alcohol.

  Xiaobian comment: Xiaobian strongly recommended a sleep mask, easy to absorb and also quickly absorbed.

It is completely sucked in, and there is no greasiness.

But remember to massage a bit after applying plaster, because it has a little consistency.

  Zhencaiyuan Rose Essential Oil Whitening Sleeping Mask Chenchen Price: 65 Taobao Price: 49-62 Reliable Price: 58 Product Introduction: High-quality rose concentrated essential oil, using the pharmacological effect of flowers to enhance skin elasticity.

Combined with whitening amino radicals, it can effectively break down the skin melanin, lighten the spots, and soften the stratum corneum.

It can continuously replenish skin moisture in the deep cuticle at night, making it deep white and soft inside, outside, and transparent. Comment: This mask is anti-oxidant, hydrating, and refreshing, and the price is moderate and affordable.: 27 Taobao Price: 19-26 Reliable Price: 21 Product Introduction: Intensive replenishment of skin moisture, improving skin dryness caused by lack of water, enlarged pores, etc .; conditioning and nourishing, soothing and repairing, enhancing skin elasticity and vitality; making skinRestores whiteness, moisture and firmness, avoiding dull yellowing and complexion.

 Editor’s comment: After use, it can effectively improve the dullness of the skin, brighten the skin, make the skin smooth and tender, and make the skin firm and elastic.

  Editor’s comment: After use, it can effectively improve the dullness of the skin, brighten the skin, make the skin smooth and tender, and make the skin firm and elastic.

  Hydrating and moisturizing AA rose fiber mask Watson’s price: 40 Taobao price: 27-38 reliable price: 29 Product introduction: Contains precious Bulgarian rose oil, collagen, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, forming a composite barrier to enhance skin’s water retention, Lighten fine lines, plump skin, hydrated and smooth!

  Editor’s comment: there is a rose fragrance. After use, the skin is very tender, thick and smooth, which can deeply moisturize the skin. After use, the skin feels cool and breathable, pores are smooth, and the skin is smoother and more delicate.

  CE O Han Yi Aloe Moisturizing Moisturizing Skin Mask Watson’s Price: 65 Taobao Price: 49-62 Reliable Price: 58 Product Introduction: Contains aloe vera extract, natural cellulose, etc., mild in nature, effectively soothes skin dehydration, and the area is easyIt is absorbed and helps reshape the skin’s moisture barrier, regenerating plump, moisturized, elastic, supple and translucent skin.

  Editor’s comment: The unique jelly shape can penetrate the dense skin more easily, effectively improve the skin’s dehydration, and improve the pores. Frequent use can restore the skin’s tenderness, firmness and ruddy luster.