Middle-aged men eat cod liver oil to help calcium

Calcium deficiency is common in women, but men also lack calcium, especially middle-aged men.

Therefore, it is also important for men to learn to supplement calcium.

There are actually many ways to supplement calcium. Men’s calcium supplementation is different from women and children. It is the best way to supplement calcium in men’s body by diet and intake of vitamins. Today I will introduce the calcium supplementation for menMethod, let’s go and see it together!

  How should middle-aged men add calcium?

Experts point out: In fact, calcium supplementation for men can be carried out by adding vitamins.

  Men aged over 40 are prone to calcium deficiency. Among men aged 41-50, osteoporosis and hemorrhoids are high.

Nutritionists recommend that men over 40 eat more foods high in calcium, such as milk, beans, shrimp skins, seafood, etc. Smoking and drinking will affect calcium absorption, so pay more attention.

More sun exposure and more time to exercise can prevent osteoporosis.

Doctors advise men to improve their living habits and develop the habit of drinking water in the morning and having regular bowel movements.

  Middle-aged men who have calcium deficiency can eat cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is aunty extracted from the liver of sharks, cod, etc., yellow, fishy, and mainly contains vitamin A and vitamin D.

Commonly used for night blindness and rickets.

Cod liver oil contains vitamins A and D. Vitamin A deficiency may affect the development of skin and vision. Lack of vitamin D may cause rickets because vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in food and play an important role in bone development.

  Cod liver oil supplementation can make calcium absorption better. Cod liver oil is best eaten in the morning to help calcium absorption throughout the day.

At the same time, often go out to sun, the function is the same as cod liver oil, cod liver oil does not need to buy cod liver oil imported from abroad, it is very expensive, the effect is actually the same.

  Cod liver oil is suitable for the crowd: 1.

The mother has insufficient breast milk and is a mixed acceptable child.


Those who do not leave home less sunshine.


Respiratory and digestive tract infections caused by vitamin D, dry eye, corneal softening, and dry skin.


Patients with allergic rhinitis.

Cod liver oil can significantly improve the resistance of the nasal mucosa and enhance the physical fitness of patients with rhinitis, so it can reduce the onset of rhinitis and eliminate nasal symptoms.


Weaned children who do not add vitamins A and D such as egg yolk, animal liver, carrots, carrots, vegetables, and fruits to food supplements.


For maternal use.

Cod liver oil can reduce the occurrence of colds in pregnant women, promote the development of bones and brain in diabetes, and make the baby strong after birth.

  Note: 1.

For people with impaired liver function, excessive consumption of cod liver oil can cause liver poisoning.


Although taking cod liver oil can prevent and treat rickets, this does not mean that every child needs to take it.


Elderly people should not take a lot of cod liver oil pills for a long time, it will increase the calcium and phosphorus in the urine, and prone to urinary tract stones.


People with urinary tract stones or weak constitution should not take cod liver oil. Beware of worsening stone symptoms or poisoning.