Aren’t the shortest paths accelerated?

One day, a small employee was rushing to work. On this day, his company had a very important meeting. The performance in the meeting was about whether he could be promoted, so he couldn’t be late.

But his alarm clock broke down this morning, and the worst part was that there were 20 minutes to start the meeting.

  The only thing for small staff is to take a taxi, hoping to catch up with the meeting.

  After getting to the truck and taxi, he hurriedly got into the car and said to the driver, “Mr. Driver, I’m in a hurry, please take the shortest way!

The driver asked: “Sir, is it the shortest way, or is it the way to accelerate?”

The little clerk asked curiously: “Isn’t the shortest way to speed up?

“Of course not, now is the time of arrival, the shortest road will be congested.

If you are in a hurry, you have to take a detour. Although a little more, it is the method of the inverter.

“After hearing the driver’s words, the clerk chose to speed up.

On the way, he saw a street not far from the traffic jam, and the driver explained that it was the shortest road.

The driver said nothing was wrong, and a little more was really unobstructed. Although it was a long distance and took a little more time, it quickly reached its destination.

  The junior staff finally caught up with the meeting and was promoted to be the department head.

  People always like to take shortcuts, hoping for nothing, and think that taking shortcuts can reach their destination with minimal physical effort.

So what I see now is: Racecourse, there is always no shortage of people, Lisboa Macau has never been short of gamblers, and tuition classes have always been worried about no students.

  However, although the shortcut is the shortest way, it may not be accelerated.

How many gamblers have you seen that never work but become rich because of gambling?

Have you ever seen how many students never go to school but get top ten because of attending cram school?

  On the contrary, I have lost too much time, money and even life for taking shortcuts.

In the middle of the year, many people owed usury because of their gambling addiction. In the end, not only did their homes die, they also lost precious lives.

  Therefore, shortcuts are not easy to take. Not only are the thorny roads full of danger, but no one can guarantee that you will reach the end.

  Going longer will be tiring and harder, but it’s the only way to get there quickly.

  The so-called “one point of cultivation, one point of harvest.

There is no free lunch in the world, and it is wise to go down the ground in every step of life.

  Time is limited and opportunities are limited.

Many people, because they have been taking shortcuts throughout their lives, often go into the dead, wasting great time and youth.

Today, many roads are still congested, but there are still vehicles driving in. The situation has not only improved, but it has continued to deteriorate . What a sad world!