European aerobics unique slimming method

Nowadays, European and American countries are prevalent in a set of “Swedish aerobics” that originated in ancient Greece. This set of exercises is easy to learn and effective. After training, the vibration muscles are flexible, making people flexible and harmonious.

In fact, it can treat back pain, stiffness and muscle atrophy caused by long-term desk work.

When practicing, you can move fast or slow, as many times as you want, and as long as you want, depending on your physical condition.

As long as you practice regularly, you will get the desired results.

The training methods are introduced as follows: abdominal exercise 1, sitting on the floor, supporting the hands with the sides of the body, legs straight.

First, straighten your legs, lift them up, and lean to your left shoulder as far as possible; then put your legs back to the original position, lift them up, and lean to your right shoulder as much as possible.

Repeated exercises like this will not only exercise the abdominal muscles, but also prevent a slight buildup of the abdomen.

  2. Bend your knees on your back with your elbows on your shoulders.

Sit up, lie flat, and do this 20 times repeatedly to prevent abdominal muscles from sagging and make the abdominal muscles flexible.

It has a significant effect on reducing the abdomen.

  Hip movement 1, lying on your back with your body straight.

Bend your left leg, hug your left knee, palpate on the forehead, and then return to the original position.

Then change your right leg.

Do the same, repeat this 20 times.

This action can prevent or correct spinal deformity, implant hip muscles and ligaments under training.

  2. Kneeling position, with both hands on the ground, abdomen, arched back, bowed head, body into a bridge, lower back muscles tightened, and then relax.

Do this 20 times repeatedly.
This exercise can cure back pain and implant the hip muscles.

  Waist exercise 1, stand upright, legs straight, bend forward high, touch both hands with the ground, then raise to an upright position, repeat 20 times.

This action can make the waist flexible, reduce the waist aunt, and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

  2. Separate your legs and shoulder width, lift your arms to the left and right, and bend to the left first, then bend to the right. Repeat this 15 times.

This action can exercise the waist muscles and keep the waist fit.

  Leg movement 1. Squat with knees bent, both hands touching the ground, left leg extended sideways from the ground.

Take the right foot as the axis and rotate the whole body 15 times; then gather the left leg, extend the right leg sideways from the ground, and use the left foot as the axis to rotate 15 times.

  2, lying on the right side, straighten the left leg and try to lift, then lower, repeat 20 times, then lying on the left side, lift the right leg.

This exercise trains the thigh and thigh muscles, which usually relax most easily in the leg muscles.